Apr. 11th, 2011 01:36 am
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In other news... I've become obsessive about reading house of leaves... I meant to hold off until our little book club got started, but... omg... There are so many secrets hidden in this book... Wow. I've never had to spend time decoding a book before. This is a book that does more than present a story to you. It invites you into the story and makes you a participant in it.

For those of you that don't know, here's the brief synopsis of the book:

This is not for you.

A few decades ago, renowned photojournalist Will Navidson decided to settle down from his wild and adventurous life and retire to a domestic family life. Not content to fully leave his passion behind, he decided to document his transformation to a family man by setting up cameras around his home and recording the process on video. However, he moved into a house that had more going on than he bargained for. It starts with the discovery that the house is 1/4" longer on the inside than the out. Then he discovers, hidden in the recesses of the house, a sort of other-worldly labyrinth and the horrors that lay within.1

The documentary that Navidson created, "The Navidson Record" was, within the book's universe, released as a film by Miramax in the 90s and received incredible academic acclaim and interest.2

At some point, the film came to the interest of a man named Zampano. This blind man watched the film and was taken in by it. He began analyzing it and living as part of it. Eventually, it seems that this exploration killed him, as he was found dead in his apartment next to several gouges on the floor, as if made by a thick set of claws.

A deadbeat tattoo artist and his friend came upon the dead blind man and the mountains of notes, writings, and other odds and ends discussing the Navidson Record, and the tattoo artist, Johnny Truant, decides to take them, compile them into a coherent narrative, and send them to a publisher to be released.

House of Leaves is the final result. It is a compilation of what is supposedly Zampano's analysis of The Navidson Record, as well as extra information, pictures, etc. about the lives of all of our characters, from Will Navidson and his colleages, to Zampano and his life, to Johnny Truant and his troubled relationships and family life. There is far far far more to this book than meets the eye.

I'm, uh... getting into it. As you can see.... (Where did that blue tint come from?)4

The book is more than a novel... It's a puzzle and a maze and a riddle in and of itself. It doesn't just present the story to you, but it puts you as part of it. For example, the chapter titled "SOS" had several hidden messages in morse code. And the chapter titled "Labyrinth" was laid out in such a confusing way that it took me about an hour to figure out where the damn thing began. And somehow, I kept winding up back at the beginning of the chapter. I'm not kidding. You don't so much read this book as you become an active participant in the tale it's weaving.

In any case... I'm... Maybe 20% through the book so far? It takes a while to read, and doesn't go in a strictly linear fashion. I'm constantly jumping around the book, grabbing my phone to google some phrase or translate some foreign language, and stuff.5

1These sections were removed from the original draft of this entry, but have been recreated here to ensure that the entry is as complete as possible.
2The book also acts as a satire of excessive academic analysis of literature and other things. 3
3Makes considerable use of footnotes to get this point across.
4I really don't know how that blue tint got in there... Uh...
5Cracking the code - Andrew Lawrence 2008

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I suppose it's just a reaction to some of the events from the Thanksgiving weekend, you know, all the drama and people and work to make it happen... But I'm feeling an increase in my general anxiety level which is making me feel tetchy.

I also feel a bit overwhelmed. I really want to move onto the next phase of my and [ profile] viesti's software project, but we've got to complete the current phase before we can move on. We're *so* close, but we need to complete a few important things before moving onto the next phase. Additionally, I haven't had time to put any effort into my drawings lately. At work, I've got 3-4 things that need to get done *RIGHT NOW* and I'm really feeling under the gun on everything.

I need to organize myself, choose what needs to be done next, and keep pressing on, ignoring the vast scope of everything I'm trying to accomplish.
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So, I gave a little talk on prosopagnosia today to my coworkers.

I hit all the usual points. Talked about how I can't follow the plot of movies. How I can't remember my mother's face. You know... All of the usual things I mention.

And people really liked it! Take a look at this email!

Dear Joyce,

I wanted to thank you for your presentation today. Not only did it clear up the reason why you did seem not to know me after I met you a couple times, but I think it also educated everyone on something important that people don't usually think twice about. The next time I see you, I'll be sure to introduce myself again! I'm pretty short, with long curly-ish brown hair.

A few others also came up to me and told me that they experience this sort of thing as well! And others are now identifying themselves whenever they come near me. Exciting!
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When I was up in Canada, I ran into a whole bunch of issues with trying to recognize my co-workers up there. It was a nightmare, and I was constantly explaining my face-blindness to people. While I was there, one of the people I explained it to, who I thought was a co-worker from up there, turned out to be a coworker that works right in the office next to mine down here in Sunnyvale! He was really glad to find out about my face-blindness, as he thought that I just didn't like him or something. Apparently, every time I met him, I acted like it was the first time we had ever met. He thought that maybe I was shy, but my personality at other times indicated that I wasn't.

So, in response to that, I've talked to HR and have the go ahead to give a little presentation on Prosopagnosia to my office mates during one of our regular Wednesday company lunches.

Here's a rough outline of what I want to do:
1) Start by explaining that I'm there to talk about a condition that I have that sometimes makes it difficult for me to relate to my coworkers, and after discussion, HR and I decided that I should make a presentation on it.
2) Go into some discussion of face blindness, what it is, and how I've experienced it. Basically, give the bare facts of what it is.
3) Give some anecdotal stories about situations I've encountered and how being face blind affects me, to get them to understand the scope of what it means to have face blindness.
4) Show the Prosopagnosia and stones page. Maybe just show the page, maybe bring in some rocks and make it a bit more visual...
5) Talk about ways that people can help me out. Now, this isn't something I've given a lot of thought to, but over the past two years, I've worked out a few ways that people can help me figure out who they are.
6) Open it up for questions.

And then some other notes:
  • I probably want to point out that it's not that I can never recognize people, but that it takes me longer and I use different cues than other people.
  • One thing some coworkers have done to help me out is identify themself whenever they come near me, until I finally figure out how to recognize them.
  • If you can recognize someone from the back, I can usually recognize them.
  • Talk about my situations with coworkers, for SURE.
  • This isn't like not being able to remember names. Even if you don't know someone's name, you still know who you're talking to. I don't.
  • Confusing two people who have the same glasses.

Do you have any thoughts or advice? I'm likely going to be doing this next Wednesday.
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So, I'm going to be going to New York next week for work. I'm flying in on the evening of December 17th and flying back out early on the 19th. Are any of you folks in the New York area interested in getting together? Let me know!

Also, I'm going to have a 2-3 hour layover in Phoenix, AZ when flying out to Cleveland on Christmas Eve. Any folks out there want to try to get dinner with me at or near the airport?


Aug. 15th, 2008 03:50 pm
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Holy shit. Bossman wants me to fly to the midwest and spend a week talking to customers out there. I'm going to be out of town from the 25th through to the 29th. And then I'm flying to Denver the following week for a trade show from September 3rd through to the 7th.

Busy busy busy!
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I'm going to descend into uber-coder mode next week. Don't expect to hear from me much.

There's a project at work that is dragging, and I want to see it complete by end of the week after next.
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I really really hate it when people take meetings where I've carefully plotted out the direction of the meeting and they derail them with their own idea of what the meeting should be about. Ugh.
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I was working until 4 AM last night...


I love my job, but I am so exhausted right now, even though it's noon.

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This is my desktop wallpaper at work.

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Too subtle, you think? ;)
Never mind. My humor fails. I really like this wallpaper. :)
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I was challenged by my coworker not to eat refined sugar for a week.

So for the next week, this is the case. :)

That is all.


May. 9th, 2007 09:46 am
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I felt a tickle on my head and brushed it down. It landed on my skirt and started skittering about.


Is it going to be one of *those* days? :P


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