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Well... I spent a fair bit of change this weekend.

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Wii Code: 2835 1520 8329 5857
Brawl Code: 0473 7529 3126

This is mostly just a status update on my progress in the game. Pay it no mind unless you find this sort of thing interesting.
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These are insanely awesome!

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Well... I just got my hands on a Wii demo unit that EB Games had sitting out. I gave them my ID and was able to play Excite Truck for a few minutes...

I'm... really not at all amazed, surprised or otherwise amazed by the controls. In a a complete anticlimax, I found the controls just worked. But then I realized: The controls WORKED. It felt right and smooth to control my game this way. It was fun and really felt natural. The graphics look on par with current generation systems, which will really hurt the Wii in the long run, but I think that that's not a factor for the market the Wii is going after. I really think that this is a move to avoid combat with the PS3 and the X-box 360. The PS3 and 360 will capture the hardcore gamer markets, and the Wii will capture the non-gamer market. And I think that makes sense...

Honestly, if the next generation actually isn't dominated by Wii-type controllers, I will be very surprised.
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The retro games on the Wii are going to cost under $10!!!

FINALLY, someone figures this crap out!

EDIT: Oh wait It's only for new virtual console games. But it still gives us some hope about the classics.... :)
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Left Behind: Eternal Forces

As is often the case... There are no words...

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This is a video of a person playing both Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 simultaneously, with a single controller.

It is completely and utterly awesome.

The AVI file doesn't seem to work well with normal players, but this one will do it.


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