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Hey everybody! I'm off to England, that great and wonderful old country full of weird accents and strange foods!

I'm going to be gone until January 5th. If you need to contact me before then, give me a call on my Google Voice number, as I will not be taking my cell phone with me. How do you do that, you ask? Why, just click below!

And if that doesn't work, you can go to this entry and get the number.

I'll also be on Skype, IM, and all the usual channels! See you guys when you I get back!
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For anyone that wants to meet up with me for food/coffee or something, here are my upcoming travel plans:

From November 6th until November 14th I'm going to be in Cleveland, OH. I'll be giving a talk to freshmen at my alma mater on Transgender Discrimination. I'm also going to talk to a Software Engineering class about my career and stuff, unrelated to my LGBT status. This is a working "vacation" so my time is going to be limited as I'll need to be getting actual work done for most of the time.

From December 21st until January 5th I'm going to be in the UK visiting [ profile] auntysarah, [ profile] zoeimogen, and [ profile] the_local_echo. I'll probably also make a point to see [ profile] cyberspice and anyone else up there that wants to grab me and put me up for a few days. This is an honest-to-goodness *vacation* so I'm 100% free up until the 2nd. (I'll have to work remotely the last few days of the trip.)

As long as everything goes according to plan and my impulse spending doesn't fuck me over more than it already has, I'm going to be flying out to Phoenix, Arizona around April 24th next year and will be there for a couple weeks until about May 5th, I expect. I'll be mostly bed laden, but if there are AZ/nearby folks on my f-list that want to hang out briefly, I might be up for a visit. Don't expect much from me, though. :)

Besides that, I don't have anything on the schedule in the next 6 months, although there is talk of a weekend road trip some time in the November.
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I'm going to be in Canada for the next week an a half. My phone will be off during that time, so if you need to contact me use email or skype or Im or something. See you guys on the first when I get back!

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So, I'm going to be going to New York next week for work. I'm flying in on the evening of December 17th and flying back out early on the 19th. Are any of you folks in the New York area interested in getting together? Let me know!

Also, I'm going to have a 2-3 hour layover in Phoenix, AZ when flying out to Cleveland on Christmas Eve. Any folks out there want to try to get dinner with me at or near the airport?


Dec. 9th, 2008 04:42 pm
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Just a reminder, I'm going to be in Cleveland from December 25th to January 1st. If any folks out there want to see me while I'm there, drop me a line. Especially you folks that I've never met before.
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So I will be visiting Cleveland from Christmas morning to New Year's Day evening. It'll be interesting to take a week off from life out here to visit my old homelands. I think I may have to go find some mountains to climb or something, though.

Anyways, what all are y'all doing back there? Who will be available to get together? What parties will be going on? Let me know!

[ profile] changelingjane will also be in town during the same time frame, so we should be able to have lots of fun!
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I'm going to be in Denver, CO from September 3rd to September 6th. If anyone wants to get together with me during that time, it would be fun. :)


Feb. 11th, 2008 11:52 am
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It was buried in the last post, but I wanted to make it explicit.

I'm going to be in Seattle from Wednesday night until Monday night. If any Seattle folks want to meet up with me while I'm up there, give me a buzz! :)

O Canada!

Nov. 27th, 2007 03:27 am
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I am on my way to the airport to fly to Canada. I will be there until Sunday night. I'll have most of the weekend free, as well as a reasonable chunk of my evenings. If you want to contact me/hang out with me, check out my contact info.

See ya'll back here when I do!

O, Canada!

Oct. 25th, 2007 02:40 pm
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On December 1st, and probably a few days before and/or after that, I will be in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada for work. For those of you that don't know, Waterloo is about an hour and a half west of Toronto and two hours west of Niagra Falls.

I may have some off time while there... Is there anyone that lives in the area that might want to get together with me? I know at least one of you is in the area.
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I will be out of town in Denver from tomorrow night (Friday, August 31st) for an entire week, returning on Friday, September 7th. I'll be working at a trade show from September 5th until I leave, so I won't be very available during that time.

Also... I need transportation to the airport tomorrow... My ride is no longer available. Any volunteers? My flight leaves at 8pm, so I'd like to be there by 7pm. I may also need transportation back from the airport on the 7th around 11pm.

UPDATE: I have procured transportation from [ profile] laughingquarter. Thank you Bridget!


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