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Oct. 26th, 2009 09:22 pm
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October 25, 2009
From Pic-A-Day 365

Went out flying airplanes with my houseguests before they left for home

October 26, 2009
From Pic-A-Day 365

Out to dinner with my girl at an absolutely wonderful restaurant.

It flies!

Sep. 20th, 2009 02:07 pm
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I took it up in the air! It flies!!!

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With [ profile] dv_girl and [ profile] viesti's help, I have completed painting on my Super Fly R/C

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I've begun building my new SuperFly RC airplane kit. The basic foam construction is done at this point, although I need a bit more glue to strengthen a few spots. Next step is the paint job, then the electronics get installed, then it's off to the wild blue yonder!

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I plan on creating and uploading an improved version of this when I get a chance. But here's the early rough version. The camera work needs work, for sure. I'd also recommend increasing the size of the video as much as possible.
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Geez. So, apparently, I'm a good pilot at R/C planes, but not a great mechanic. Almost every flight that I go up, I have something go wrong. Today, I was pulling some high G's doing a manic spiral, and my wing snapped off along the crack where I had crashed it before. Planes that have their wings dangling off them don't fly well, and it plummeted to the ground, with no control whatsoever, nose first. SMASH!

Broken engine mount. Broken cowling. Compressed the fuselage. Shredded the elevator. The wing was shattered into a ton of pieces, and it looks like my right aileron servo has been stripped. Lovely. I'll put this back together on Friday night with [ profile] salia_chan.

Yesterday, I put her up, and started to discover the stripping of the right aileron. She started rolling to the side in really high winds, making it really hard to control her. I struggled with the wind and rolling, trying to get her to the ground, but no dice. The wind blew the plane near the trees, and it was a matter of minutes before I snagged one of them. That cut off part of the elevator and down she came. No further damage, but annoying, none the less.

Before that, I was grounded for a week due to a mild but intentional crash that shattered the engine mount and clued me in to the fact that I was using thread-lock on plastic. Thread lock is plastic corrosive.

I had another flight the day before that where I broke my engine mount. Don't remember what happened that time. I think I just screwed up in a maneuver or something.

Before that, I had a left aileron failure. I lost control of the plane and tore at high speed into the ground. The entire front half of the plane came off that time, and I did some damage throughout the plane.

Before that, I had my aileron controls reversed, and the plane went up and immediately back down. That one was the one that sheered my wing off.

Oy... My plane spends more time in "the shop" (my bedroom) getting repaired than in the sky! But apparently, this is normal with R/C planes.

Ah well... some more glue and tape and she'll be as good as new. :)


Apr. 27th, 2009 09:21 am
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How you know that you're a natural at flying RC planes:
You are able to bring the plane safely down after an aileron failure.

How you know that you're still a beginner at flying RC planes, despite your piloting skill:
You put her back up in the air after bringing her down.

[ profile] flakish and I had decided to go flying this morning, and it turns out that my plane wasn't working correctly. Lost control of the plane at low altitude while still taking off, and she went down hard. My plane is torn to pieces right now. Cracked the engine mount, shattered the engine cowl, snapped the propeller in half, lost the wing mount, sheered off the front of the canopy and fuselage, and stripped one of the aileron servos. She's in about a dozen pieces at this point.

Luckily, one of the wonderful things about RC planes is that this is probably only about $20 to $30 of damage and would take an experienced RC flyer about half an hour to repair, with the proper parts.

I'm going to run to AeroMicro during lunch today and pick up the following parts to repair my poor plane:
  • Engine mount
  • Propeller
  • Wing mount
  • Aileron servo or gear
  • Epoxy
  • Engine Cowl

This is also why beginners tend not to fly warbirds. So much easier to break really badly.

We took [ profile] flakish's plane up twice. First time she had a bad crash due to high winds, but the second time we brought her in for a nice soft landing. Yay!


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