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I stood in the wings of the ship.

First, two people I barely knew, but SHE knew well, and I had come to know now, stepped in front of the crowd. Their swords crossed, blades clacking against one another as hard plastic weapons tend to do. Once, and then again, and a shout of violence. "HEY!" They walked forward and took their places.

Then again, two people stepped forward. One, a friend as old as can be. Another, another person SHE loved, and I had come to appreciate in our short time together. A clash, a clack. A shout. And they too walked forward to their assigned place.

Now, two of my most beloved, and HERS as well. Slowly they crept into position. Their swords clashed as the others did. One! Two! HEY! And now they too were in place.

It was my time. It was HER time. We stepped forward. CLACK CLASH HEY! We twirled around one another and again, our swords clashed, once twice, and we let forth another shout. Yet again, a third time we whirled about one another, weapons clashing and shouting. But this time, the voodoo Mamba at the stern of the ship shouted "HEY," to ask us to stop. Our parents walked up behind us, took our swords, and as a group, we walked up the aisle to be married.

This was how the ceremony began for our wedding. It was an absolutely incredible ceremony. Later on, one of our bridal party "stole" our rings, and a young friend of ours, Maria, came up and stopped the thief, returning the rings and acting as our ring bearer.

I cried as I read my vows to Jessie. I promised I would be there for her. I told her about how much I loved her spirit. How much I loved her silliness and seriousness. My favorite line from my vows was "You laugh at what others take seriously, and you take seriously what others scoff at." She did the same to me, reminding me of times we had spent together, dates we had been on, and wonderous moments of conversation. Tearfully, we exchanged rings, jouyously celebrating our love in front of all our friends and family.

As dinner began, it was hilarious. The boat rocked back and forth, to and fro, while sea chanties played over the speakers and folks tried to chase their dinner around their plate. It was delicious even as it was hard to deal with. By the end of the night, everyone was telling us how it was one of the most wonderful weddings they had ever been to.

Photos are on Facebook, but seeing as I don't like their service much right now, I'll be uploading a bunch to Google Plus and sharing them publicly so you can see them here, if you're still listening over here.
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