May. 17th, 2017

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During portions of yesterday, I talked to Amy about some elements of music that I've needed to learn about. She explained measure length and time (4/4, 3/4, etc.). I finally understand what that means... I mean... I knew for a long time what effect it has on the measure... 3/4 time means 3 quarter notes per measure. But what I didn't understand is what that meant for the music. It seemed utterly arbitrary. What she explained is that it reflects the structure of the music. How often you repeat what you're doing. That sort of thing.

I sat down for a couple hours last night and tried to fix the ending to Mechanical Savior. This is what came out of that. I'm calling it Mechanical Savior B. It's a lot nicer, AND I got to learn to use a synth last night.

The synth thing was kind of hilarious. Especially initially, it was just this mess of letters that had very little meaning to me. I had no idea what ANY of it meant. But it was incredibly easy to use, and I was able to start messing around with the sound there. I got several sounds that I kinda wanna play around with in other conditions as well. But for now, I did this.

Although I was enjoying doing things with Project B, I kinda wanna take this synth thing and mess around with it to see what comes of it. There's a few note progressions and certain sounds that felt certain ways to me, and I wanna see what comes of that, now that I have a tool like this. I'm also downloading some other synths to see what I can do with them.


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